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About Us

    IPL, PKL, ISL, PBL, IPTL, PHL…. what the hell! Watching leagues is so old school. The Baap of all Leagues is here. Twiddle your thumbs all day long and win money, right from your phone. Now, you get to play the league, you get a chance to become a star and YOU get to make all the moolah. Play the Indian Mobile Gaming League and win cash prizes up to Rs.20 lakhs. Card Games, Fantasy League, Fun Games, Casual Games, Action… You name it, we got it. Get paid for playing games on your mobile. Play with your Bo$$ or play in your  Cla$$ and spell it with two dollar signs for good reason! Opposable thumbs for every opponent. Are you up to it?


About Play Motion

Simple things make a big difference— each person on our small and efficient team knows this. What our creative team in India focuses on when making our games is getting the tiny details absolutely right. Designed with excellent graphics, amazing touch-screen controls and an imagination like none other, Play Motion makes games that are truly unique. But more importantly, we believe that the best way to make games that everyone enjoys is to make games that we would love to play!

Say Yes to Prosperity this Diwali

Look out for special offers on all our games & win more money this festive season!


It is completely legal to play skill-based games in India and all the games offered by Play Motion involve a high degree of skill. Games such as these are protected by the Constitution of India under Article 19[1] (g). The Supreme Court stated in 1957 that prize competitions which involve substantial skill are business activities that are protected under Article 19[1](g) of the Constitution of India. In another judgement in 1996, the the Supreme Court has stated that (i) competitions where success depends on substantial degree of skill are not “gambling” and (ii) despite there being an element of chance, if a game is preponderantly a game of skill it may be called a game of “mere skill”.

Furthermore, the Public Gambling Act, which is the central law on gambling as well as most subsequent state laws on the subject substantially state that “nothing in this Act shall apply to games of mere skill wherever played”. This is also mentioned in the 1996 Supreme Court judgment with regards to Tamil Nadu and Madras laws. “In any case…Section 11 of the Gaming Act specifically saves the games of mere skill from the penal provisions of the two Acts.”

All games offered by Play Motion requires a degree of skill from the player to score points to challenge other players and hence these games are predominantly a game of skill.

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